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The lighthouse design is wildly popular and there is just something charming about those important pieces of architecture that protect the coastal lands and ships of the world.

This lighthouse luminaire has been designed and crafted by the people at Belleek Pottery. It features a smooth design, accented with clever cuts and embossed details. The bottom of this lamp sits on 4 rubber feet, making it safe to display anywhere without fear of scratching. Around the base are rocks, big like you would find along the shores where light needs to be cast to warn ships of the approaching land. You will also find that there are some shells and a starfish! The body is all smooth and shiny, really eye catching. There are cuts to let the light shine brighter, though this whole piece will glow warmly.

The Belleek Lighthouse Luminaire measures approx 11.75”H x 5.5”W (at the widest point). It includes US fittings, a wire with two-prongs and an easy to use on-off switch.
**Does NOT include a bulb**

Perfect for anyone who loves to collect Belleek or anyone who decorates with a nautical theme.

Comes in an official Belleek Box
Made in Ireland of fine Parian China

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