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Enniskillen occupies an island between Upper and Lower Lough Erne.  Also named Inis Ceithleann after the wife of a chieftain, Balor of the Mighty Blows.  The river system of the Erne at one time was a major highway for goods and transportation.  The highlands running parallel to the Erne has many artifacts of early people who lived the area, such as chambered graves.  The shamrock, or in Irish, Seamrog, is considered a good-luck symbol in Ireland since early times.  It is also the national emblem of Ireland because, according to legend, Saint Patrick used the shamrock to represent the Holy Trinity and is worn on Saint Patrick’s Day each year.  The knotwork running along the outer circle represents everlasting life.
Co. Fermanagh, Ireland

Measures 6 3/4" x 6”

McHarp Crosses are faithfully and loving replications of ancient crosses, scenes from historical and memorial crosses, and original designs. They are made to explore and honor their heritage and express their love of beauty, balance and harmony. Made from a durable stone-like material, each cross is stained and sealed and features a hook to display.

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