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St. Martin’s cross was carved from a single slab of gray epidorite in the mid to late eighth century.  The most perfect of the surviving crosses on Iona, it stands in its original position where the monks of the island monastery placed it twelve hundred years ago.  The cross, including its bas is 17 feet high and is carved from a stone that originally came from Argyll, Scotland.  The raised circle, or bosses, are thought to represent God with everything revolving around Him.  Intertwined between these bosses are serpents, which in the Celitic world represented rebirth since the snake sheds its old skin; symbolizing our rebirth into a new life upon acceptance of Jesus.  The ring around the cross head represents eternal life and is a common feature in Celtic Crosses
East Face, Isle of Iona

Measures 19” x 5 1/2"

McHarp Crosses are faithfully and loving replications of ancient crosses, scenes from historical and memorial crosses, and original designs. They are made to explore and honor their heritage and express their love of beauty, balance and harmony. Made from a durable stone-like material, each cross is stained and sealed and features a hook to display.
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