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This beautiful Heathergem Wee Celtic Box measures 25mm x 13mm. Perfect for your wee tid bits, like first curl or first tooth!

The Heathergem range celebrates traditional Celtic design paired with a contemporary Scottish style. The unique process in which the gems are made means no two pieces are the same!

Beautifully handmade, each piece comes from the dried stems of heather, a common Scottish plant renowned for its purple bloom. The heather used is too old to provide nutrition to the local wildlife and is cut in a way that promotes new growth.

Comes gift boxed and includes a story card that explains the process in which they are crafted. Heathergems are handmade in Pitlochry, Scotland.

**Each Heathergem will vary in color as no two are alike. The colors may not be the same as the image provided**
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