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Nearly 200 carved crosses have survived on the Isle of Man dating from the Celtic early Christian period in the 7th century and through the period of the Viking settlement up to the early 11th century. The interlinked ring design forming the shafts of Scandinavian (Viking) influence. The wheel cross at the top of the cross was originally a symbol of Christ derived from chi-rho monogram although it is likely that the outer circle came to symbolize heaven (in conforming with ancient symbolism). Christ in the center of heaven represented by the inner circle.
Isle of Man

Measures 14 1/2" x 6"

McHarp Crosses are faithfully and loving replications of ancient crosses, scenes from historical and memorial crosses, and original designs. They are made to explore and honor their heritage and express their love of beauty, balance and harmony. Made from a durable stone-like material, each cross is stained and sealed and features a hook to display.

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