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The beauty of the dolphin is captured with brilliant white and aquamarine crystals from Swarovski®. This thoughtfully designed pendant necklace features a solitary Trinity Knot dangling from the teardrop cutout in the sterling silver frame. A single black colored crystal rests in the eye of the graceful sea creature adding charm and personality. The dolphin is a most elegant sea resident with smooth movements and playful antics represented here with curved lines and sparkling bright crystals. Dolphins are symbols of protection, adaptability, and harmony. The intricate and charming details evoke memories of the mystical ocean waters. These captivating natural creations are symbolic of purity, wisdom and true beauty. Paired with the striking design and meaningful symbol of the intelligent and personable dolphin. Let this keepsake piece from The Ocean Collection by Shanore Ireland guide and protect you through rough waters with the wisdom and protective dolphin figure. The bright blue and white crystals will elevate your look day to night with incredible style while providing you with a sense of guidance. This charming keepsake is the perfect gift for oneself or a most deserving other. Comes with 18” Sterling Silver Chain Gift Boxed Made in Ireland
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