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The 28th Edition bell ornament is a replica of the Castlecaldwell estate gatehouse. Castlecaldwell was the home of John Caldwell Bloomfield whose discovery of Feldspar and China Clay on his estate led to the establishment of Belleek Pottery in 1857. The Story is told that John Caldwell Bloomfield was out hunting on his estate one day when he noticed a man painting whitewash on his cottage walls. He saw that the whitewash had an unusual sheen. This observation gave him the idea of getting a mineral survey made of his lands. The survey was carried out in 1854 discovering that there was a large deposit of Feldspar and China clay in an area close to Castlecaldwell in the townland of Larkhill. Later he got the keen interest of Robert Armstrong, an architect who had a background in ceramics and the financial backing of David McBirney, a wealthy Dublin businessman ultimately leading to the building and establishment of Belleek Pottery some years afterwards. This bell ornament will be a lovely gift to give and a much appreciated addition to any Holiday tree or Belleek collection. Measures 2.75". Made in Ireland!
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