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The Trinity Knot, a staple in Celtic imagery, appears stately in this piece crafted with 10k Yellow Gold. The traditional element and craftsmanship offer a state of grace to the pendant. As all Trinity Knots, this pendant features a single, unbroken line intertwined to form three separate points. Each point on the figure is said to represent a related idea. These ideas could be The Holy Trinity, or the three earthly elements of land, sea, and sky. The already beautiful image is advanced to next level beauty with the presence of a solitary pearl joining the Trinity Knot delicately at its two most bottom points.

A pearl is a symbol of purity, elegance, uniqueness and rare beauty. It accentuates the Trinity Knot insignia, as well as the overall captivating appeal of this 10k Gold Necklace.

Comes boxed.
Made in Ireland.

Look for matching stud earring.
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