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The Trefoil, or Trinity Knot, is a traditional and classical symbol of beauty and importance in Celtic culture and art. The captivating image is crafted with a single, unbroken line, which intertwines to form a never-ending connection. Three separate points are created in this graceful construction, each signifying their own individual but related idea. Most often these points are attributed to The Holy Trinity: the Father, Son, and The Holy Spirit. The wearer, though, may also find significance in assigning them to the three earthly elements of land, sea, and sky, or the ever-connected movement of time: past, present, and future.

This gorgeous interpretation of a staple in Celtic insignia is strengthened in definition and allure by its bold sterling silver pendant and dazzling white crystals. The gemstones imply purity and clarity, while the sterling silver signifies strength and permanence.

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Measures 21mm x 24mm
Comes with 18” Sterling Silver Chain
Gift Boxed. Made in Ireland!
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