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John Gilroy has created some of the most iconic Guinness® designs. His art is brightly colored and whimsical in a way. It was a perfect match for the Guinness® brand. Gilroy was the man responsible for the Toucan and the Tortoise, which are featured on this pair of pint glasses, but his talents went beyond these two creations.

This set is part of the Guinness® Gilroy Collection - two traditional shaped pint glasses come in a decorative gift pack, perfect for any Irish home bar, lover of Guinness®, or anyone who might collect glasses. One glass features the toucan, wings spread in flight as he balances two pints of everyone’s favorite stout on his bright orange beak. The other glass has the delightful tortoise, walking along with a pint on his back.

Glasses are usable, safe to drink from
Do not microwave
Hand wash only

Guinness® Official Merchandise: This product celebrates an extraordinary brand, which for over two centuries has been held in great affection around the world. For many, Guinness® has come to symbolize a way of life, always with style, wit, and good humor. This product is intended for purchase and enjoyment by people of legal purchase age for alcoholic beverages.

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