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The Irish Kitchen Prayer cookbook & tablet holder is a great accessory to have on hand. It can help keep your page open so your book remain hands free, so you can focus on the cooking / baking or it will keep your tablet off the counter- free from any kitchen mess. It also makes a nice place to store cookbooks and family recipe cards. It measures approx 11.75"H x 8"W x 2"D and can stand on your counter with an easel or be displayed on the wall. Made from MDF it is a distressed looking design that includes a prayer and a stylized sprig of shamrocks.

Prayer reads:

Irish Kitchen Prayer
Bless us with good food,
the gift of gab and hearty laughter.
May the love and joy we
share be with us ever after.

Perfect for any Irish kitchen!
Item comes boxed
From Abbey & CA Gift

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