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The Irish shamrock is a symbol of Ireland and it’s 3 petals can represent many things, similar to the many meanings of the Celtic Trinity knot. (It was St. Patrick to first use the little 3-leaf clover to explain the Holy Trinity). To some, the shamrock is a symbol of luck or good fortune. To others, it’s a sign and comfort from home. This wood carved shamrock is charming and unique. The varying cuts of wood all compliment one another. Twisting Celtic knots are set into the shamrock shape and a much smaller shamrock sits within the center of this lovely piece of wall art.
Measures approx 5.75”W x 6”H
Item comes presented in a gift box

From Islandcraft
Part of Royal Tara

The Islandcraft Celtic wood carvings are beautifully hand crafted. The carvings are made by a process known as Intarsia, which is the ancient art of making pictorial mosaics by laying precious and exotic woods onto a solid wood surface. A variety of different woods are used to make these Celtic designs. There are many made of each of the designs yet, each individual piece is unique!

Due to the natural elements of this product, yours may differ from the picture shown. The wood pieces used to make each piece have different grains and will stain different shades. Each one is unique and beautiful.

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