PADDY PALS - Miss O'Doherty the Irish School Teacher

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My name is Miss O’Doherty and I am the Irish School teacher.

My students are the Paddy Pal Juniors and I love teaching them how to be the best little bears they can be! Did you know our school day is short? It’s very important for our little bears to get in plenty of off-time to sleep and snack on local honey. I love to spend time teaching, but the short days give me more time to be YOUR friend! I’d like that very much and I hope you’d consider bringing me into you life. I am soft, cuddly and a whole lot of fun to spend time with. I like trips to the library, the zoo and even a chance to run around the park.

Miss O’Doherty is dressed simple green dress and matching apron., Lace trim and a removable straw hat complete her look. She is made from all new synthetic materials. She sits approx 12” tall. She has soft white fur and plastic bead eyes. Her smile is warm and inviting. Suitable for children ages 3+

The community of Paddy Pals make for treasured friends and companions and each of them comes with their own individual Irish talents. They love hugs and smiles, fun and laughter. Adored by both children and adults with their traditional Irish attire and welcoming smile. And whatever you do, don’t forget these are no ordinary bears, these are the last of the wild Irish bears and wherever they go, they bring the luck of the Irish with them.

These bears are super cute, super soft and made in Ireland
They feature the Paddy Pals logo with a green shamrock embroidered on one foot
Each bear come with a certificate of authenticity, bearing their name and official Paddy Pals seal

So adorable and charming you’ll want them all
They are just waiting to become your next best friend!!!

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