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The power of the Celtic knot is presented in this gorgeous sterling silver ring, in a sophisticated and elegant manner that you will cherish daily. The intricate lines of the Celtic knots are interlaced in fine detail, and surround the ring in an eternal fashion, without a beginning or end.

Celtic Knots are a beautiful and mesmerizing addition to many aspects of Celtic culture. The knots, which are formed by overlapping strands that are interlaced with one another, are eternal in nature and never come to a clear end. The knot represent the interconnectedness of life, human nature, and eternity. They stress the interdependence we have on one another, and are often used to represent the lasting commitment made in marriage, where two individuals join to become one union.

When worn on its own, this Celtic ring serves as a centering reminder that life is a continuos cycle that creates energy and new beginnings. A matching gentleman?s ring creates the perfect opportunity to celebrate the union of a relationship and the interdependence you share with one another.

Measures 4.5mm wide
Sterling Silver
Comes gift boxed.
Made in Ireland!

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