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A symbol for Love, Loyalty & Friendship

The Irish Claddagh is a symbol based upon a ring a goldsmith made for his soon-to-be wife in an old village in Co. Galway. The Claddagh is comprised of three parts: The Heart stands for Love. The Crown stands for Loyalty. The Hands stand for Friendship. Together they make a symbol of lasting love and dedication. This gorgeous wood carving would look stunning in any home. The attention paid to detail is just exquisite. From the intricate Celtic knots, which can symbolize eternity and everlasting love, to the details that decorate the crown, nothing is left unthought of. This piece is solid, sturdy and strong but not too heavy. It is ideal to hang on any wall in your home, whether it is in the kitchen by a window, in the living room by the fire place or in a bedroom over the bed, this stunning piece of mahogany art is sure to please. It makes a nice gift for weddings, new homes or to celebrate an anniversary. Measures approx 12”H x 9.75”W x .25”D. Includes a hole drilled into the back to make it easy to hang on any nail or screw.

Hand carved out of mahogany
From Blue Frogs
Celtic & Viking Wood Carvings

**Each piece is crafted from its own piece of mahogany. As the material is a natural one, there will be difference in each piece, making them special and unique! This also means that the product you receive will not always match the photo exactly. This is not a fault or defect. No two pieces will ever be the same.

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