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The St. Brigid cross is venerated in Ireland as a religious symbol of protection for the home and family after St. Brigid was sent to a dying man's house who was delirious. He would not calm down until Brigid started weaving a cross out of straw and explaining its meaning within Christianity. He quieted down and converted to Christianity at the point of death. Our St. Brigid cross is a 10" x10" resin wall hanging made with the look and color of natural straw. The piece is immediately ready to hang once you place a hanger on the wall where you want to display it.

The St. Brigid cross is said to protect the home against fire and evil. Therefore the cross makes a unique and inspirational house warming gift for a friend or family member It also makes an especially meaningful gift for anyone you know named Brigid or has taken the name Brigid for her Confirmation. A gift card explaining the history of the St. Brigid cross is included with your purchase. Displaying this striking St. Brigid cross in your home allows everyone to breathe easier.

Measures 10" x 10"
Comes gift boxed
Made of Resin
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